Harum Malam 250ml

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Harum Malam is a supplement to enrich the body all the time while being as effective as rejuvenate and boost inner health. It helps to cure and prevent body adour. It can prevent women’s internal problems, energize and increase stamina for daily activities. Blended with roses and rich in other herbal extract such as betel extract, fig, raisins, honey, goji, kafir lime, strawberry, pomegranate, manjakani, pueraria mirifica and senna that can cure body odour. Harum Malam is the best product to be taken by all women today.

Benefit of Harum Malam:

·      Keep body fresh and free from odor

·      Helps to cure white discharge

·      Eliminate the irritation and odour problems in vagina

·      Tighten the uterine muscles

·      Gives energy and vitality

·      Remove toxins in the body

·      Embrace the digestive system

·      Smoothen menstrual cycle

·      Improve intimacy in marriage

·      Overcome the dryness of vagina

·      Firming the vaginal muscles

·      Regulate overall health of a woman

·      Helps to stay radiant and energetic

·      Keep rejuvenate skin cell to keep look younger

·      Stimulates the hormone secretions which trigger menstruation

·      Regulate normal menstruation cycle and post-menopausal syndrome


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