Kari Kambing ADABI | Lamb Curry ADABI | (280g)

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LAMB CURRY (280gram)

?ADABI CURRY with potatoes 280gram

?Halal Certification by Jakim

?Product of Malaysia

?Process by using fresh meat, spices and others substances to produce delicious lamb curry and can be served without cooking or heating.

Resepi Nasi Kari Daging:-

Bahan2nya :

✅ 3 cawan Beras basmathi (kalau takde guna beras biasa pun boleh)

✅ 1sudu butter

✅ 2 tin kari adabi

✅ 1/2 Susu cair

✅ 4 cawan air

✅ 1 biji Bawang besar

✅ Rempah 4 sekawan

✅ 1 biji tomato di potong dadu

Curry Beef Rice Recipe: -


✅ 3 cups Basmathi rice (if don't have, can use regular rice)

✅ 1 tablespoon butter

✅ 2 tin kari adabi

✅ 1/2 Liquid milk

✅ 4 cups water

✅ 1 large onion

✅ Spices 4 companions

✅ 1 diced tomato


Panaskan butter, Masukkan rempah 4 sekawan dan Bawang besar..

Tunggu naik bau

Masukkan tomato

Kemudian, Masukkan kari , air dan susu cair

Akhir sekali Masukkan beras...

(kalau guna beras basmathi pastikan remdam dulu dlm 15-20 minit)

Setelah masak , pindahkan terus dlm periuk elektrik.

The methods:

Heat the butter, add 4 spices and onion.

Wait for the smell to rise

Add the tomatoes

Then, add curry, water and melted milk

Finally Add the rice

(if using basmathi rice, make sure to soak it for 15-20 minutes)

Once cooked, transfer directly to an electric cooker.

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